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Soundbytes Podcast - EP 22 - Some Sound Favourites

September 1, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to episode twenty-two of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. This month we talk Mac and Pro Tools, various Spiderman games, Spyro, we also discuss our favourite sounding games, and chat a bit about foley. We're excited to be hosted by Spotify now, so go and listen to us there.

Hosted by: 

Derek Brown - @subwoofersub
Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1

Follow Soundbytes on Twitter: @soundbytes_p

Links to things we mentioned:

Derek's Tasteful Guitar

RockPaperShotgun: Untitled Goose Game honks into early 2019


Alien: Isolation

DiRT Rally

Planet Coaster

SOMA: Behind The Sound

Foley in Alien: Isolation & Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

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