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Soundbytes Podcast - EP 23 - Dehumaniser 2 & Reformer Pro

October 1, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to episode twenty-three of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. We're very excited to bring you this month's episode with the kind help of our friends at Krotos Audio. Krotos us provided with some copies of their wonderful plugins, to check out and share with you in the episode. Barney had a look at Reformer Pro, and Derek had a play with Dehumaniser 2. We also talked about Derek's recent move to working with Reaper, and answer a listener question.

A big thanks to Krotos for supporting us - we've been aware of this company for a while, and it was great to explore some of their unqiue and groundbreaking plugins and share that on the podcast. You can read more about how people use their plugins on their blog, as well as browsing their full range of plugins on their product page

Hosted by: 

Derek Brown - @subwoofersub
Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1

Follow Soundbytes on Twitter: @soundbytes_p

Links to things we mentioned:

PlayStation Classic

Spider-Man PS4



AudioThing Fog Convolver

AudioThing Frostbite

kiloHearts Delay


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