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Soundbytes Podcast - EP 28 - Interview with Josh Bell and Francesco Del Pia

March 1, 2019

Hello! Welcome back to episode twenty-eight of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. This month, Barney sat down with his two friends and colleagues, Josh Bell and Francesco Del Pia, to discuss life at Cloud Imperium Games, making sounds for spaceships and spacesuits, and generally working with a big team on a big project. We also talked about finding work in the games industry as a sound designer, how to deal with moving to a new city and a new country to join a company, and how to get past the impostor syndrome that comes with starting a career in sound. A huge thanks to Josh and Fran for taking the time to chat, we had a great discussion and we hope it is helpful information, especially for newcomers to the industry.

You can follow Josh on Twitter here: @joshadambell and Fran on Twitter here: @makeatemplate.

Hosted by: 

Derek Brown - @subwoofersub
Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1

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Links to things we mentioned:

Star Citizen


VFS - Vancouver Film School

First Man

Star Citizen: The Sound of Fury Video

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