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Soundbytes Podcast - EP 47 - Interview with Julie Buchanan

July 30, 2021

Hello! Welcome back to episode forty-seven of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. We've got an exciting one for you this month! We were very lucky to be joined by the exceptionally talented sound designer and composer Julie Buchanan. We chatted with Julie about her background and journey into game audio, and talked about some of the projects she has been a part of, including Godfall, Rocket League and Say No! More. It was a pleasure to have Julie on the podcast and we hope you enjoy the conversation we had.

You can follow Julie on Twitter, here: @jbuaudio

Say No! More is out now, and can be purchased for Steam, Nintendo Switch and IOS.

Hosted by: 

Derek Brown - @subwoofersub
Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1

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