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Soundbytes Podcast - EP 19 - Interview with Nick von Kaenel

June 1, 2018

Hello! Welcome back to episode nineteen of our monthly podcast about games and game audio. This month we talk got to sit down with the brilliant Nick von Kaenel, of Respawn Entertainment, and to discuss Nick's background, current work on the Respawn Star Wars project, and we delved into some of Nick's knowledge of mobile audio. Nick is a brilliant sound designer and we are very glad to have him on the show.

You can follow Nick on Twitter here: @nickvonkaenel, and you can check out his work on his site, here.

Hosted by: 

Derek Brown - @subwoofersub
Barney Oram - @BarneyOram1

Follow Soundbytes on Twitter: @soundbytes_p

Links to things we mentioned:

Respawn Entertainment

Sony Vegas

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Nick's Viral Car Sound Design Tutorial


Reel ADT


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